General Urology in Medellin


Urology is the medical-surgical specialty oriented to the detection and treatment of urological diseases and dysfunctions of men and women.

It treats pathologies such as urinary calculi, urine leakage, prostate, kidney, and reproductive system diseases, among others.


In our IPS we offer a personalized response that includes medical management, endoscopic, open, and laparoscopic surgery.

Medico aliado a Sura

We approach it comprehensively

  • Sexual health: diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire, pearly penile papulosis, hydrocele, and phimosis (circumcision).
  • Testosterone: diagnosis and management of testosterone deficiency.
  • Reproductive Health: Infertility, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, Peyronie’s disease, and varicocele.
  • Sexual enhancement
  • Prostatic and lithiasis pathologies: minimally invasive laser surgery for the treatment of urinary calculi and prostate diseases.
  • Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate, renal and bladder cancer: laparoscopic surgery for cancerous diseases of the genito-urinary system.

Our urology service is led by Esteban Gómez MD – Urologist, Fellow of the European Board of Urology. A comprehensive specialist who provides quality in the diagnosis, study, and management of urological pathologies.


Nos apoyamos de tecnologías de de punta para ofrecer las mejores alternativas:

Leaders in Medical Laser Technology.

  • Fotona Laser.
  • Quanta Diode Laser Technology.
  • Shockwave Technology.
  • Holmium Laser.
Doctor Esteban Gómez C.

Your health is in the best hands!

Esteban Gómez Correa MD
Urologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

  • Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU).
  • Clinical Fellowship in Laparoscopy.
  • Belgian Laparoscopic Urological Group.
  • Specialization Course in Laparoscopic Surgery.
  • Urology Resident: Puigvert Foundation. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Member of the Colombian Society of Urology.
  • Member of the European Board of Urology.

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